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New Year’s wishes, champagne and lots of dinners... Welcome to 2016! The beginning of a New Year starts for many among us with New Year’s resolutions, just like TrueEnergy! TrueEnergy is focused on fun, involvement and interaction between the members at DLL group. TrueEnergy concentrates on 4 pillars: Vitality, Inspiration shots, Events and Workplace management. This proven concept, increased member satisfaction and involvement and is revitalizing the DLL member community. Want to know more? Please continue reading our website and learn all about what TrueEnergy is and what it needs from you.

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How did it start?

TrueEnergy is founded within DLL (http://www.dllgroup.com) in late 2013, with the vision in mind to create a positive, warm and welcoming work environment for all members. An atmosphere in which people like to work, where creativity is encouraged, where respect for one another is cherished, where achievements are celebrated and where events are held that bring out the best in the unique DLL community.

The initiative was recognized and embraced by senior management and became a vital vehicle to express and support the culture and values of the DLL member base ever since.

To support the vision, 5 workgroups with a blend of members across all the departments of the company are established.
Introducing the 4 cornerstones (focus areas) on which the groups actively organizes activities, improvements and events on a yearly basis. 

  1. Events,

  2. TED talks, Inspiration shots,

  3. Workplace management,

  4. Vitality.

With this concept, the experiences and lessons learned we can bring this succes even to the next level and align with more partners and companies to bring new "True" Energy across our member base.

Sincerly yours,

Fremko Blox